About the Guild


Always wanted to make video games? Alma College Gaming Guild is the perfect place to start! Work with other students to learn techniques and programs for designing games, and build your portfolio!


Want to be a video game tester? Alma College Gaming Guild is the perfect place to try out innovative designs from your peers! Designers are always looking for quality testers to help with design flaws and bug detection!


Like playing games? Alma College Gaming Guild is a great place to not only come and play, but meet other players too! Join a TRPG group for a standing game of Dungeons and Dragons, check out quirky board and card games, or geek out about your favorite indie titles with us!

EC Staff

Allision Brown & Sarah Garrood

The Queens

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EC Presidents, Allison Brown is a double major in Business Management and New Media Studies


Dustin George

Dungeon Keeper

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EC Vice President, Major in Bio Chemistry and minor in Biology


Emilee Kaminski 

Lord Commander of the Queensguard

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EC Treasure, Major in Sociology 


Erwin Mcwillis


The Iron Bank

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EC Treasurer, Major in Computer Science and minor in New Media Studies.

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EC Public Relations Chair, Double major in New Media Studies and Religious Studies


Master of Whispers

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EC STUCO Representative 


Lauren Woolbright


Grand Maester

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Academic Advisor; Professor at Alma College in the NMS Department

Jace Le Fevere

The Spider