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Construct & Destroy | Jenga Remix

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Construct and Destroy is a remix of the classic tower-balance game Jenga. While Jenga focuses on trying to keep a block tower standing, Construct and Destroy focuses on destroying block towers. This concept was invented in 10 minutes during ACGG's Game Remix event.


  • 2 - 3 Players

  • Jenga blocks

  • 12 building blocks per player

  • 6 ammo blocks per player

  • Picture flashcards of blueprints and stats of builds


1. Each player is given the blueprints of the build.

2. At the same time the players race to complete there build. The first to complete will go first, and the order thereafter determines who shoots at who.

a. Strategy to either go as fast as possible and get first to eliminate people faster, or be more conscious of your build and make sure it is structurally sound.

3. Once all builds are built and the order is determined it is as follows;

a. Person who finished first targets person who finished second.

b. Person who finished second targets person who finished third.

c. Person who finished third targets person who finished first.

4. Aim to take down your enemies building as soon as possible and be the person whose building is the last one standing.


  • When building, hands must start and end flat on the table to start/end your time (group must start together as one).

  • The ammo blocks must be flicked at your opponents builds from at least half an arms length away.

  • When flicking the ammo blocks they must not leave the surface (can not take flight).

  • The ammo blocks must be removed from the build so to not be an obstacle and be set aside. NOT TO BE REUSED (There is a limit to 6 ammo per person per game unless a build does not use all 12 blocks. Any extra blocks can be used as ammo).

  • Every player must use the same blueprints for there building.

  • When a player has knocked down a persons building you then move onto aiming at that persons target. This goes on till there is only one building standing.


  • Each building has a minimum amount of hits it should be able to fall completely, if you are able to destroy your targets building within this minimum you get an extra point. (game meant to be played in many rounds)

Building Stats:

  • Spencer’s Shrine : 3 hit min

  • Allison’s Structure : 2 hit min

  • Spencer’s Japanese Castle : 2 hit min

  • Greco-Roman : 4 hit min

  • Lawrence 1.0 : 2 hit min

  • Lawrence 2.0 : 4 hit min


Allison Brown

Spencer McClure

Sean Pauley Lawrence Edwards

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