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It's a Wonderful Life | Monopoly Remix

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

It's a Wonderful Life is a remix of the world's most popular board game, Monopoly. While Monopoly is focused on individual game-play of building up your property base and becoming the wealthiest person on the board, It's a Wonderful Life focuses on a team effort to take out the dreaded loan shark that is ruling the land. This concept was invented in 10 minutes during ACGG's Game Remix event.


  • Any complete version of Monopoly

  • 4 Players

Game play: 1. Players fight over who get's to be the loan shark.

2. After loan shark is decided, each player places their tokens on the four corners of the board. Note: The loan shark must be the "Top-Hat" token and start on the "Go to Jail" corner. This does not send them to Jail at the start of the game. 3. The loan shark automatically starts off with the "Board Walk" property. The player in the "Go" corner starts off with the "Connecticut Avenue" property, the player in the "Just visiting" corner starts off with the "New York Avenue" property, and the player in the "Free Parking" corner starts off with the "Marvin Gardens" property.

4. Players may buy properties on their first walk through of the game. 5. The Loan Shark starts off the game. 6. If the Loan Shark ends up in jail at any point, they automatically lose the game. 7. Every time player pays rent, the loan shark collects 15% tax on each payment from the property owner. 8. If your roll lands on evens, you collect one kind of each bill from the bank. 9. If your roll lands on odds you collect three of each kind of bill from the bank. 10. Players may try to "rob the bank" without the loan shark noticing. If the loan shark does notice, they collect 50% of their net value. (This includes property value). 11. When a player passes "Go" the loan shark collects 30% of their net value (this includes property value). 12. If a player lands on the same square that the loan shark is currently on, they may attempt to shank the loan shark. If successful, they may rob the loan shark of 50% of his net value (this includes property value). If it fails, the loan shark collects 60% of their net value (this includes property value). and destroys 1 house and 1 hotel (if they have any). 13. If the loan shark looses by the "Jail" rule or goes declares bankruptcy, all players win the game. If all players declare bankruptcy at any point, the loan shark wins the game. 14. All other standard rules of Monopoly apply. Rules:

  • The loan shark always goes first.

  • Should the loan shark go to jail, if they have a "get out of jail free card" they may stay in the game.

  • To successfully shank the loan shark, you must roll three-doubles in a row.

  • Net value is determined by the amount of value the player has (including property value and current funds) at the start of the turn

  • Players may sell properties to pay any loan shark taxes, but doing so does not lower the calculated net value from the current tax they are paying.

  • If the loan shark leaves to use the rest room or for any other reason, players may still rob the bank


Jace Le Fevere

Erwin Mcwillis Akiela Carlton

Lillan Windsor

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