• Jace Le Fevere

The Blood of the Vampire

The Blood of the Vampire is a text-based adventure game that allows players to explore a neighborhood of Victorian London as the spirit of a mixed race woman who has just committed suicide after learning that she is a psychic vampire and that her powers have killed her newly-wed husband. 

What's a psychic vampire, you say? Not a blood-sucker, but an energy-sapper, psychic vampires drain the vitality from their unsuspecting victims, often not even realizing that they are doing so. These are not the blood-soaked predators we are used to seeing. 

Become Harriet Brandt and come to terms with what you are. Take out your vengeance upon the unsuspecting elite of London, or quietly observe--or even protect--them. The choice is yours.

(Want to know how Harriet got to this point? Read The Blood of the Vampire novel, written in 1897 by Florence Marryat; the game picks up precisely at the novel's ending.) Click here to play. Credits: Dr. Lauren Emily Frank Woolbright - Designer and Producer NYMG - Publisher

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