RPG Showdown | Fall 2018 Projects

The Guild's design team started their Fall 2018 projects on Tuesday, Sep. 16th. These projects are being designed on the RPG Maker MV game engine. President(s) Allison Brown and Sarah Garrod opted for this particular engine to encourage newcomers to the game design field. This semester, the two presidents also decided to formulate the projects into a friendly competition. The Guild's Design team has broken up into two sub-teams, Design Team A and Design Team B. Both teams were randomly selected from all of the designers. This competition being rightfully titled: RPG Showdown.


Before RPG Showdown launched, the design team voted on a Fantasy-Adventure genre for the two projects. Additionally, both design teams were randomly given specific design prompts that they must include in their project in some meaningful way. Team compositions and design prompts are listed below:

Team A


Jace Le Fevre

Senior, NMS and Religous Studies Major


Jordan Ginder 

Junior, History Major


Emilee R. Kaminski

Junior, Sociology Major 


Spencer McClure
Junior, New Media Studies Major 


Lillian Windsor

Freshman, Music Education Major


Design Prompts 


  • Hide-and-Seek

  • Flowers

  • Meaningful Religion(s)

  • Most Annoying Sound Ever

  • Unlikely Allies

  • Unique Currency


Example Desert Map Screen Shot


Example of Imported RPG Maker Assets

Team B


Sarah Garrod

Junior, Undeclared​


Allison Brown 

Senior, NMS and Religous Studies Major


Erwin McWillis 

Sophomore, Computer Science Major


Sean Pauly

Sophomore, NMS Major

Lawrence Edwards

Freshman, Undeclared ​


Kathryn Kildea​

Freshman, Undeclared


Design Prompts


  • Betrayal

  • No Standard RPGMaker Assets

  • Permadeath System

  • At Least 10 DIFFERENT Collectibles

  • At Least 5 Races

  • Opposites Attract

Vice President Dustin Geroge is acting as an impartial project moderator for the duration of RPG Showdown. Projects are due Tuesday, November 16th. After the project submission, the Guild's play team will play test both projects and provide constructive notes for both design team A and B. Both design teams will have a short window to make final edits before projects go live on Alma College Gaming Guild's website.


After each project goes live, the guild will host a public online poll where people can vote for their favorite project. The expected live launch date is Friday, December 21st. The poll will last until Monday, January 7th, 2019 where the winning team will be announced. 

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